Wednesday, September 1, 2010

More Pics from Micah's First Day

Here are some more pictures of Micah's first day of Kindergarten. I forgot my camera (who does that on the very first day), so I had to take my pictures with my phone. My friend, Melissa was kind enough to share her photos with me.

Miss Mook's class

Micah tends to put his fingers in his mouth when he gets nervous.

Micah, Levi, Caden. All three of these adorable boys are in Miss Mook's class. It's so fun to have your neighbors as classmates.

It makes me want to cry all over, to see him so nervous.

Micah's super cool backpack. He LOVES this thing.
Thanks, grandma!

When I picked Micah up from school, I got to talk to his teacher for a quick minute. I asked her how Micah had done and she said, "He was an angel."

Yeah, day #1 is down and it was a success.

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Amanda said...

Yay!! The first day is always the hardest- all around! I am glad you both made it!