Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Micah's Back-to-School Party

Micah had a "Back-to-School" party the day before school started. He invited all the kids his age, plus a couple of kids that were older and younger, that he has played with for years. We tried to set things up as if we were at a movie theater. I closed the blinds, turned off the light, and fixed a bunch of movie theater type food.

The whole gang.
With this many kids, you would think it would have been total chaos. It wasn't. The kids were soooooo good and took the movie theater concept very seriously. When Abby got a little too noisy, they promptly asked that she be removed from the party.

We had candy, Capri Sun, popcorn, and pizza. I cooked 5 pizzas and we did not have one scrap left. Five-year-olds can really put it away. :)

We watched "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs". It was so cute to see the kids following the storyline so well and laughing in all the right places. :)

I've thrown many parties for my kids and this was probably the funnest, easiest one so far. The kids were great and cute as can be. It was the perfect ending to a fantastic summer and the perfect beginning to a new chapter in most of these kids' lives.

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