Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Micah's New Year's Eve Party

Micah has been dying to have a party lately, so we decided to have a New Year's Eve Eve Party. Normally, I would make invitations for a party and let Micah deliver them, but this was a bit last minute, so I just called all the mom's of the little boys in town and invited them over. Micah was very specific that this party should be a pajama party, be only for boys, have donuts, and that it must be at night so they could "stay up late". I tried to be as accommodating as possible. :)

Noah, Fischer, James, Brock, Micah, Treddon all dressed up in their cute jammies.

Micah graciously agreed to let Abby come to the party. While there, she developed a bit of a crush on Jake. She did not leave his side all night. She even kissed him! Jake was a very good sport and just kind of went along with it.

Since this party was held at night (6-8:00 p.m.), the basement was dark, so we turned it into a "real" movie theater. We watched, "Despicable Me", which also happens to be one of our family's new favorite movies.

To fulfil Micah's requests, we had pizza, Capri Sun, and donuts. This boys can really eat! By the end of the night they had finished off 7 pizzas, 2 1/2 boxes of Capri Sun, and 2 dozen donuts.

These boys are great kids. Micah is very lucky to have so many kids to play with.

The whole group.

I love throwing parties for my kids! Next up, Abby's pink party. She's been asking for this one ever since her birthday party, in October. We'll do it in February. Seems appropriate. :)

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