Saturday, January 1, 2011

Recent Funnies from Micah & Abby

It's been awhile since I last posted. Life has just been busy, but I vow to do better with my blog. I really do enjoy having a record of the things my kids do and say.

Micah and Abby are growing like crazy and they say the funniest things. Yesterday, we took the kids to lunch at "Red Robin". As we were eating, I noticed that Abby's shirt was wet. I said, "Abby, how did your shirt get wet?" She just looked at me and said, "Oh! The water did it." Duh, mom. :)

Micah is a quiet kid, but make no mistake, he likes to be the one in charge. The other day, he reinforced that when he said to me, "Mom, I like being in charge." I said, "What do you like to be in charge of?" I was expecting him to say something like, "picking out the movie", or "which shirt I wear", or "what game to play", etc., but he surprised me with his answer. So, what does Micah like to be in charge of? "The things Abby does." That's a direct quote. :)

Micah is also super sweet. Last night, he and I were laying on the couch, watching, "Santa Buddies". Out of nowhere, he asked, "Mom, who is your best friend?" I said, "I have three best friends- you, Abby, and Daddy." He said, "No. I mean, who do you like to play with?" I explained to him that if I could play with anyone in the world, it would still be him, Abby, and daddy. I then turned the question on him and asked, "Who is your best friend? Who is the person you like to be around the most?" He replied, "You." The kid melts my heart.

My kids are the best! I count myself blessed on a daily basis. :)

UPDATE: I forgot one.
A few weeks ago, Heath took Micah to the store. It took Heath by surprise when he realized that Micah had been filling the shopping cart with snack items he wanted. When Heath asked him about it, Micah said, "How about you buy your stuff and I'll use my own money for my stuff?" So, when the time came to pay, did Micah pony up? "Oh no! I forgot! I left my money at home," were his exact words. Uncle Jeremy is famous for that very same trick. Kid learns fast. :)


Jessie Mae said...

What a sweetheart! He has a sweet soul.

Amanda said...

Ha ha! Your kids are so cute! They just crack me up every time!