Saturday, January 29, 2011


Micah is taking swim lessons right now. It's been tons of fun for him, and for Abby and I watch. On Thursday, it was review day. All the kids were reviewing the things they had learned thus far. One of the things was to stand on the side of the pool and show correct diving form. They haven't actually learned to dive, they are just working on form right now. After they had shown the correct form, they were allowed to jump in the water. To be honest, Micah is a little advanced for this class. So, he decided that instead of jumping in, he was going to dive in. I could see it in his face, that this idea was going through his mind, and I wasn't sure how things would end up. So, when it was his turn, he stood up, showed perfect form, and then.....belly flopped. That "SPLAT" sound has never sounded so loud or painful than it did right then. But, Micah just got up, smiled, and clapped for the next kid. After the lesson was over, I asked him if his chest was okay. His reply, "It hurt really bad at first, but I didn't want to be a wimp, so I didn't cry."

I'm always proud of my little guy, but the fact that he "gets it". He gets that sometimes you have to be tough and not let the pain get to you. He's only five and probably way ahead of me in that game. :)

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